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Thread: Money sent as gift held

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    I dont get it. I signed up so I could help my sister with rent. She lost her job recently and I couldn't send her more than 1 $200 eCheck. I put it was marked personal and a gift. I guess sending her a $200 check and a $50 check in the same week was wrong but I am not sure why. Now my money is tied up and my sister is SOL! I have spent hours on the phone and sent so many emails but they are still holding the money. What to do now? I should just have sent her a check.

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    Yes you would have been better off sending her a check that's for sure. Is paypal saying why they are holding the transfer, have they requested any information from you? An eckeck can take up to 10 days when you use paypal. Instant transfer is better but that is sometimes not instant either.


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