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Thread: Do I have a case?

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    Default Do I have a case?


    So I had about 5 sets of 3 day passes for the Coachella festival that I decided to sell on eBay because my friends and I could no longer attend the festival. Everything went fine and smooth, and I received a bunch of payments through PayPal. They placed a 21-day hold on the funds because apparently ticket sales are considered "high-risk." I was fine with this and deemed it fair, and had no problem with waiting out the 21 days to receive my money. This morning, however, I receive an e-mail from PayPal stating that I need to log into my account to resolve the fact that my account had been LIMITED. When I log into the resolution section, it says I need to take certain steps to get my account resolved, but (and this is the incredible part), even though they stated I had to follow these steps, they were NO WHERE TO BE FOUND ON THE PAGE. When I called PayPal on the phone, I made it all the way up to an "executive legal department," where they informed me that my transactions were too high-risk, and PayPal no longer wanted to do business with me. Of course, I refunded the money for the tickets I hadn't sent yet, but I have already sent out a bunch of tickets, which means I have over $700 FROZEN in my account for 180 days. I live in San Francisco, so I'm pretty close to their principal place of business in San Jose. Does anyone know if I have a case here? Can I get an injunction forcing them to release my funds? Can they actually get away with this?

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    Let me start by saying, I am by no means a lawyer and this post is merely for informational purposes only. If you are seeking legal advice, you should speak with a lawyer.

    I can't explain my story here due to legal proceedings which are ongoing at this point but I did want to reply to the original post and all others who keep mentioning small claims court. Like I said, I am by no means a lawyer but I have spoken to my attorneys and they tell me that small claims court has no jurisdiction over claims brought against Paypal.

    One last thing before I go. Anyone interested in getting involved with a class action suit against Paypal can contact me at [email][/email]. If you decide to contact me, please be advised that we will not be settling out of court. If you are looking for a settlement then I would suggest building your own class action suit against Paypal. If you have staying power and do not plan on caving in to Paypals relentless offers to make a settlement then by all means, please contact me at [email][/email].


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