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    WonderBritt Guest

    Default what's the difference

    what's the difference between paypal and a merchant account if there is any? Paypal has limited my account and are holding my money pending a whole lot of documentation I have to send them and am in the process of doing but I am not happy about it. That is how I came across this website and it seems like I am not alone in my dislike for paypal. I read a few people recommending getting a merchant account instead of using paypal and I am just trying to figure out what the difference is. I just don't want to be in the same boat again.

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    Arista Guest


    Merchant accounts are federally regulated and FDIC insured. They are held accountable for their actions unlike paypal. They don't hold your funds and there is no middle man which is all paypal is. Instead money is deposited directly into your checking account. And they are required to provide actual customer support. The difference is like night and day with paypal being the dark hole sucking the life out of you and your business. I ave never heard of merchant accounts getting hacked but this is a common problem over at paypal. These are just the few that I am aware of, sure there are many more.

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    your customers will pay you with a credit or debit card and there is no need for them to have a special account (like paypal) to buy from you. Anyone with a credit or debit card or even a gift card can buy from you.
    Also with a merchant account your policies will be honored like refund and return rules that you have in place.

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    h8pp4life Guest

    Default took my $4000 is what paypal did!

    the difference is that paypal will steal your money and never give it back to you and they will also give away your merchandise for free. then when you don't want to pay them back your negative balance after they stole all your money they will send debt collectors after you that will haunt you day and night. biggest fraud ever I would have more confidence with a street hustler outside a mini mart then paypal.

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    is someone files a chargeback with you when you have paypal you are on your own left to fight for yourself. But with a merchant account your evidence and information regarding the the transaction is looked at and reviewed and most of all considered. You have someone on your side fighting for you not against you like paypal.


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