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Thread: Paypal is not helping me close my account

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    Teah G Guest

    Default Paypal is not helping me close my account

    all i wanted to do is delete my account that i only had open for less than an hour,because it didnt do what i needed it to, and i couldnt put money on a pre-paid card that was already active for my son so he could have only $20 dollars for gas to get my grandchildren from school. it didnt do what it said it would or could and every1 knows you DO NOT give out your ssi number on line!!! all i wanted was something simple and couldn't even do that and n being so far away its really hard to just drive or fly across the states to give him a simple $20 0n a pre-paid master card but now paypal is not letting me delete my information and I have called and emailed them but nothing is being done to help me.

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    DeMarco Guest


    Signinu up with paypal was easy right? Everything with paypal is a hassle. Paypal will not delete your information no matter how many times you ask them so don't waste your time with this, that's the sad truth. You should be able to close your account but paypal will not delete your information.

    Go to Profile > Close Account under Account Information > Complete Reason for Closing checklist.

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    Brandy Colewort Guest


    You need to officially close your account out with them and then close out your banking and credit cards associated with the account. This may seem like a huge hassle (which it is) but it is well worth it in the end. I opened a paypal account back in 2010, proceeded to close it December of 2011 and my bank account was debited 3 months AFTER they had supposedly received my closure notice. Apparently I owed them money. Well that $14.52 that I was in debt to them ended up costing me over $60 in overdraft fees from my bank. What a pain in the ass. Donít trust them under any circumstances.

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    HowieDo Guest


    PayPal is such a stupid company that always tries to rip people off! I hate them, but it's really annoying that everyone only allows it... I had $30 in my first, around $100 in my second, and $204 in my last... ALL of those accounts where limited, so I sent in a help request. It took 42 days to reply, and it was even a reply bot! It just suggests what it says on the 'Resolution Centre'... Put in your bank account and credit card details... They won't even let you close a limited account!

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    AMC Guest


    I am confused and frustrated that PayPal has suspended my right to buy because I have exceeded the spend limit of $2,000.00 I wish to cancel my PayPal account and cannot do so because I have a purchase which has to be paid. How can I pay for this item on Ebay if I cannot even do that thanks to PayPay not allowing me. The seller has been contacted and has not replied to my message telling her that Paypal will not allow me to pay for the item or cancel this purchase? My patience is wearing thin!! Please reply ASAP I will immediately cancel my Paypal account if I could

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    Reese Guest


    If the seller doesn't agree to the cancel the transaction and you don't pay for the item, an unpaid item will be recorded on your account. If you get too many unpaid items recorded on your account within a short time period, your account may be limited or suspended. Which won't matter since you don't want the account anymore

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    Unregistered Guest


    My debit card was sold all over the world I tried to notify them and they have no response e-mails and excuses. I do not want ant thing to do with them they are all talk. I want to be removed from the pay pal system

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    anna maria Guest


    Paypal told me unless I provide them with my SS card, DL, and a home utility bill they will not close my account. Why in the world would they need that information when all I am asking to no longer do business with them? Sounds like they got a big scam going on with stealing peoples ID's.

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    Unregistered Guest


    Same issue here they want SSI # for fkn taxes all of a sudden. JUST CLOSE my account already I dont need you stinkin paypal. But they dont want to!

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    Jan 2014


    What I did was called them up told them to cancel all my subscriptions and everything that is taking money monthly from my account and stop all transaction. After 24 hours I could remove my bank account and withdrawed all the money I had on my paypal. Then I sent them an email telling them to close my account they never replied so it doesnt matter anymore because I already took everything out from there.


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