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Thread: Verifing account with bank account or Paypal Plus

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    Illek Guest

    Unhappy Verifing account with bank account or Paypal Plus

    I have an 'unverified' paypal account and have reached my sales limit of $10,000. This means paypal will only let me take out up to $500 a month. I currently have over $1,700 in the account and they won't even let me ship with it!

    I'm seriously considering 'verifying' my paypal account which means registering with either a bank account or their 'paypal plus' credit card.

    I'm looking for suggestions on the SAFEST choice here. If you have any information on problems with the paypal plus versus using a bank account please let me know! ...or I would prefer ways to get around using either means... paypal doesn't really get my trust at this point!

    Thanks! Please help!

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    Farmer_Griff Guest


    Best thing to do is open another bank account. Keep 5 dollars in it and connect Paysh*t to it. That way they can't take money from you that you don't have in the account.

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