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Thread: I can't get my money. HELP

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    Default I can't get my money. HELP

    Same story it seems, I have just recently sold over $4000 in purses and clothing and Paypal suddenly locks my account with a week before my rent is due and that was the ONLY money I have to pay rent with! I have sent them all my identification today, crying and stressing. And I just feel like dying now and even if I got another way to accept payments which I will, paypal still has my $4000. How do I get that money released?? Anyone please help me this is really urgent.

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    All you can do is follow the exact instructions paypal gave you, send them everything they asked for and then hope for the best. Call them to be sure that they have received everything they asked for. They are notorious for losing stuff. You could file a claim with the BBB. Hang in there, you just sent in your documentation so they need some time to review it.

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    Contacting the BBB won’t pay your rent. I formally filed grievances both with the BBB and my local state officials. They give paypal about 90 days to respond to claims before it begins to affect their rating. Your true solution is to find someone to loan you the rent money. There is no way in hell that paypal will release funds in a timely manor. They basically ruined me financially speaking for a very long time. The best advice is to comply with all the items they are asking for – make sure that you receive confirmation (names and ext) that your paperwork was received.

    I can not stress this enough; I re-faxed and emailed documents on countless occasions because those morons claimed they weren’t received. Anyways, cross your fingers that they release at least part of your money and vow to never work with them again! Also, beware until you close your account with them they still have dibs on both your banking and credit card info.


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