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Thread: It's time to ditch paypal

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    Bob$$ Guest

    Lightbulb It's time to ditch paypal

    Pay Pal limits my rights to use what ever credit card I feel like using online. When ever I shop other non pay pal merchants I can use any card that i wish. Pay pal however only allows me to use the card they have on file. Totally unethical in my book. So all you merchants using this service, wonder why your sales are down now you know why. Ditch these idiots and get a merchant account, oh BTW my original pay pal account got hacked or was sold to some third party! good luck with PAYPAL if you plan on sticking it out with them. I have moved on

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    George Bushels Guest


    Where exactly did you move on to? Iíve looked into it but I need to continue to have Ebay as an option for selling items. I donít think they allow other merchant account options. Iíve looked into some companies but their rates are sky-high and Iím a small business so I canít afford some of these plans; Iíve seen some that run up to $50 per month! Paypal has my funds on a 21 day hold and itís killing me but I feel like my hands are tied.

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    Bob$$ Guest


    I found a company called that works great to sell on ebay. It was the cheapest merchant account that I could find, $8/month is well worth it to never have to deal with paypals BS again. THe processing rate is way lower than paypals so I will easily make up the monthly fee. Never hold your funds....need I say more ??


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