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Thread: I'm selling verified paypal accounts! Start new with paypal!

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    ebayuser123 Guest


    hi i am looking for a ebay and paypal accounts with good feedback and selling history will be good money for them. contact me at [email][/email]

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    CeeK_10 Guest


    I am also looking for US eBay Verified Account with 100+feedback.

    Please PM me with quotes. thanks in advance!

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    kobe Guest


    I want to buy a few ebay and payPal seller accounts so I can sell on multiple accounts. How do I do this with out them being linked to my accounts that were already closed? How do I get a bank account that is not linked to me?

    If you can help me please email me at [email][/email]

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    eBay & PayPal R 4 Lusers Guest

    Default There are eBay alternatives, too!

    [QUOTE=StacksOnDeck;16420]thats easy.. i can show anybody on here how to set up multiple verified paypal accounts without having to OVER pay (i'm something like a pay-pal expert)

    I wouldn't brag about being a "pay-pal expert" [sic]. That's kinda like labeling one's self as an expert on crime because one is dumb enough to be mugged every other week by the same thugs.

    For most any kind of popular class of goods that can be shipped via USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc. there is probably at least one, if not several, alternative and far better, more trustworthy auction sites than eBay. (See: [url=]Criticism of eBay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/url]

    Having stopped using eBay long before PayPal existed, due to eBay's consumer-hostile but oh-so-politically-correct policies as well as the mostly successful attempt by some fraudster to rip off several eBay Buyers, including me. I was the only one who was lucky enough to have sent a check which my bank was happy enough to stop for free when I told them the product I received was "not as advertised" when I tested it a few minutes after I picked up the package at the Post Office. I contacted every other person I could who had bought from this scammer and those who replied said they were not so lucky. If I had been dumb enough to use PayPal for such a transaction now, it is a safe bet that I'd be SOL.

    For anyone who has doubts about the general underhandedness, duplicity, and or overall devious/deceptive business practices that many people on this forum (correctly, IMNSHO) accuse Ebay/PayPal of, check out this Web address (complete URL minus the leading HTTP stuff that many automated censors will block):

    It might be an eye opener for some.

    The fact is, if PayPal were such a great thing, eBay wouldn't have to resort to all kinds of chicanery to virtually force its users to utilize it.

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    ebayuser123 Guest

    Default ebay and paypal accounts

    i really need a ebay and paypal account that has over 100 feedbacks that has been rigistered longer then 6 months. will pay good money. i want a account that has not been hacked

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    TizWozNot Guest


    I am intrested in a u.k verifide paypal account and ebay sellers account with feedback for a reasonable amount .

    the paypal account is more important

    Contact me if you have what i need

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    Annie Guest



    I am after a new australian paypal account as my account is limited for 180 days!! Can you please help

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    gee4234 Guest

    Default verrified paypal accounts

    i have verrified paypal accounts for sale pm me or emial me

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    losbuff Guest

    Default i need a US verified paypal account can u contact me at

    i need a US verified paypal account can u contact me at [email][/email]

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    Lelichka Guest


    I need fully verified PayPal account (by Credit Card and By
    US Bank) to use it for ebay. Could you please tell me the
    price and time period when I can recieve it. And also which
    type of payment do you accept. Please contact me at: [email][/email]


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