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Thread: PayPal wants me to pay to clear my account

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    Default PayPal wants me to pay to clear my account

    I had been using paypal for more than 10 years and suddenly when I try to make a payment I received a massage that my account had been limited. I call paypal and they told me that a transaction was made from my computer 8 year ago and charge to a bank account. Now they want me to pay 162.00 to clear my account. I never gave them my bank account and I don't know how they accept a payment charge to an account that they don't have. When I talk to one of their representatives I told him that I was fraud victim about 8 years ago but to my credit card no my bank account.They told me that I have to go to the police to make a complaint and ask the bank for the information. I call the bank and they told me that they do not keep records for more than 6-7 years. When I went to the police they told me that they do not take complanint on cases that had been solve by the bank so many years ago. My question is Why paypal wait so many years to bring this issue? I also ask them to whom the merchandise was sent and they told me that they do not have permission to give this information.

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    Read between the lines here darling. Paypal is basically saying they don’t want your business. I had a similar case in which after years of processing I was suddenly the proud owner of a “limited” account. Boy did they throw me for one loop after the other. It was impossible to please them. I started to become suspicious that they were really just looking for an excuse to give me the boot… well I was right. A few folks in the industry told me that my line of business was now becoming high risk; well I wish paypal would have just been upfront about it to begin with. I found another merchant company to process with and I suggest you do the same. Nothing stays on record for more than 7 years, that’s common knowledge.


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