I recently lost my job in the U.K because of the economic crisis so thought I would follow up on my hobby and to get serious on ebay.
I have been selling kitchenaid mixers which I restored and other items such as my jewellery just to make ends meet.
I also wanted to start selling mens underwear, so managed to get some good wholesale deals which I purchased from ebay.

Now my account has been limited as ebay say that my items are likely to be fraudulant. I have offered to send original documents of my items including manufacturer item codes and barcodes but they will not accept any correspondance from me.

Strangely most of my items were purchased from ebay by powersellers who obviously make ebay such a sum of money that ebay won't limit they're accounts.

So now I am stuck with over 300 pairs of underwear which I can only sell 20 of each month.
To make matters worse any money which I make, paypal are holding for 21 days before I can withdraw it into my account.

This must be illegal. They can take there own fees, but I cannot take mine from my own items.

Has anybody else experienced anything like this?
I would love to take ebay and paypal to the small courts but there is no way I could afford to do this.