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Thread: 5 hours on hold

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    HDOmis Guest

    Default 5 hours on hold

    After receiving an "Interrupted by..." screen when trying to log on to Ebay, and being informed "to make the Ebay community safer, plese verify the phone number we have on file for you", then being prompted to call Ebay from my phone, then receive a "PIN" number -fine. The next screen has a "Submit PIN" button only, and NO FIELD in which to enter the pin!!!! I have poured more than $20,000 through Ebay during the past three years, and this is beyond insulting! I was on hold for more than 5 hours, and hung up when I finally heard a voice, then to be transferred? I almost exploded. I now understand why Amazon has nothing to do with Paypal.

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    Show44 Guest


    trying to call paypal and ebay is a big pain in the ass. Last time they played pinball passing me back and forth, ebay said it was a paypal problem and paypal said it was an ebay problem. Well it was my problem and neither of them could or would help me. I am in the process of closing my account with paypal and just have to wait 4 months to do so!! That's what paypal told me. So now I am stuck with them for another 4 months.

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    anj02100510 Guest


    Their customer service is atrocious! I was on hold with them for countless amount of hours with no hope. I was transferred about 30 times no lie. when I finally got someone on the phone they hung up on me.

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    Milton56 Guest

    Default Need password to retrive password??

    For some unknown reason my password is not being accepted at the log-in section of Paypal.
    When you try to retreive your password, a login in password is required.
    Well if my password was rejected in the first place how do I log in.
    This is a joke.
    All I want to do is check my balance.
    Now I want to remove all funds from my account and close it.

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    Marisha Ramsey Guest


    I think they do stuff like this so we can't access our accounts. I feel as if they change the passwords so they can hold on to our money. Maybe because they don't have the money to give us I don't know. I truly despise this company.

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    behappy5684 Guest


    Uh their customer service is just the worst. Recently my account was limited. I called PayPal and literally spent over 8 hours trying to get a hold of someone to find out what was going on with my account. When I finally got lady on the phone by the name of Sam she was very rude and unwilling to help. She told me she she wasn't allowed to tell me why the account was limited. I was taken aback by this. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was placed on hold for get this over an hour. I finally hung up. Thankfully I only had about $40 in my account as I had just transferred most of my money to my bank. I closed all accounts tied to them since I couldn't close the account due to the limitations and found someone else.


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