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    Hello Kitty Guest

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    I知 curious to see if anyone who formally worked (or current employees) for eBay would be willing to participate in an independent film I知 making. I want to expose the dark side of this company. I値l do it tastefully and I値l be as unbiased as possible. I want to get the truth out there. I had no idea there even was a down side to accepting credit cards through paypal until my funds were held for an exuberant amount of time. I had the issue resolved and I知 still an active user but I feel compelled to spread the word and show people all sides, both good and bad and let them make an informed decision before using them. Anyways, if anyone would be willing to come forth I壇 pay for the interviews. Inbox me at [email][/email]

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    Carlson Guest


    I am a former employee of paypal and I would love to be in your film and expose the company for what they really are. I worked there for over 5 years and was terminated on some bullshit. Their really is no upside to using paypal for your processing needs. They hold your money limit and close you down for nothing at all just because they want to. I know I did it many of times although I felt bad about it I needed a pay check to support my family oh and did I mention they denied my unemployment request. BASTARDS!!!!!

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    John Lial Guest

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    @ Carlson - Wow they canned your ass and then denied unemployment benefits? What bastards; I値l bet you could write a book with the shit you致e seen. I知 sorry to hear your out of work, you would think they want to at least keep competent people on their payroll but I guess they will just continue to outsource the customer service and kill any hope of helping the job crisis in the USA. @ Hello Kitty - I hope your movie takes off like a rocket to the moon! Seriously, we need more exposure on this topic. I feel like paypal is just growing more powerful by the second and we are all being scammed out of millions of dollars. I for one would love to support your efforts in any way.

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    Shameka Guest


    Hello Kitty I would love to support this film. As a paypal user of many years I recently was screwed over by them royally. The closed my account without telling me why after 10 years of being a power seller. I have not sold anything different the whole time i used them. They held over 10k from me for 180 days


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