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Thread: Paypal reversed my payment twice

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    Default Paypal reversed my payment twice

    Having recently won an auction on ebay for a car, I had to make a deposit payment to the seller and did so through Paypal. Having done this, I later on made an attempt to pay the remainder of the owed sum but this resulted in Paypal reversing my payment and 'limiting' my account, not once, but twice over the exact same issue within the space of 2 days!

    The money so far has not been returned to me nor to my 'Paypal balance'. Paypal are a bunch of thieves and I am looking find out how I will get my money back from them.

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    Paypal just makes no damn sense. Why would they limit your account for trying to make a purchase? Iíve seen boats and automobiles for sale on eBay but after the experience I had with paypal I would never purchase anything of high value online. Itís just way too risky. I hope you get your money back from them, the best advice I can give is to comply with the list of demands, you can see what they want when you log into the resolution center. Instead of buying a car online you might want to try an auto auction, I hear that you can get a steal at those places.

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    Default re Paypal reversed my payment twice

    Why not take them to the small claims court. Its easy to do and you get back all your out of pocket expenses.


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