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    Candices Melons) Guest

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    Hey yawl! Iím in a bind and need some paypal alternatives ASAP! Here is my sob story in 50 words or less Ė I have been with paypal for 8 months and they are under the impression that I can successfully operate a side business with their 21 day hold policy in affect. The bulk of my business is conducted through drop shipping which means that I have a sliver of profit margin and the hold time is just unheard of. Apparently I am in a higher risk category because of the nature of my business and they feel the need to hold my money. I canít fulfill orders without paying the distributers and I canít pay the distributers with my money in cyberspace limbo. I pleaded my case to customer support and they refuse to help, so Iím looking for other processing solutions. Here is the problemÖ I want to move ALL my business from paypal, I have three accounts. With paypal they allow funds from all three companies to be transferred into one bank account, can I do the same with merchant services? I would love to open multiple business accounts but I am just not profitable enough yet, my TD Bank account has a $500 daily balance requirement in order to avoid a $25 monthly service fee.

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    Claire Dani Guest


    That 21 day hold is a killer. I left paypal mainly because of that and some other issues with their services. I went with merchantinc. The funds go directly into the bank account you put on the application. So if they all have the same bank account this should work great for you. Give them a try. They have worked wonderfully for my business

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    Stan Swanson Guest


    That 21 day hold is a bunch of bullshit!! Why do they need to hold the money for so long? Oh wait I know so they can make interest off our money. This company is worthless to use. They pry on the small people to help their business gown SCREW paypal!!!

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    hooplamania Guest


    The 21 day hold is just another ploy for PayPal to make more money from the users. It almost took me out of business but thankfully I got out before I hit the ground. I don't understand how the government let's this company stay in business. They are the biggest crooks out there. Who knows maybe they are in cahoots with our government


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