PayPal allowed a scam chargeback on my account for $8000 while I was outside the country and unable to reach a computer. Apparently there is no way to appeal it.

Now I have a company called NCO calling me every day reminding me to make the payment and telling me that they haven't yet reported the debt to credit agencies. Now my account has been in the negative for 3 months.

Can they report me to Equifax? Is this possible in Canada? This is the last thing that I need. My credit score is above 700 and I want it to stay there.

Frankly I was thinking of just not responding and not paying them. The only problem is that I need a PayPal account for business and personal stuff and eBay.

Does eBay share information with PayPal? Will they close my eBay account too?

Can anyone here offer some factual advice from experience?