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Thread: Moving on up

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    Quote Originally Posted by firelily99 View Post
    PayPal, like many other corporations, is constantly expanding and growing. They are what they are which is a large multinational corporation. Things will not always go right for them but that is the cost of doing business for them.
    True. They do have a LOT to oversee and watch out for. I imagine that they do their best, but there are goals for the future that they should set.
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    they don't bring jobs to the U.S. They will just make it look good and then send the jobs to the Philippines. everything about what they are doing is to acquire other companies. Every company "polishes" before they sell or do something big and since 1 out of 100 calls goes to the U.S. now... well, I think the jobs will continue to go where labor is cheap and service is ??? non existant

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    I agree with Delusional. If paypal victims help other paypal users then less and less people will use them. Keep posting on this site!!! And keep other business owners and buyers in the loop on all the crazy stuff paypal does. They need to be regulated if they are continue to do business.


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