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Thread: I need insight from someone who worked at payPal

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    Default I need insight from someone who worked at payPal

    I saw an opportunity to make money from some fifa 2014 world cup stickers, I sold plenty and made a small profit. Paypal then saw fit to limit my account and disable me from access to my funds.

    I want to know how this is allowed. Any former paypal employees out there that can shed some light on this for me because calling paypal gets me nowhere. Why is paypal so unwilling to help?

    I had no complaints, disputes or chargebacks. So what is wrong with what I did PayPal? I JUST DON'T GET IT.

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    PayPal got your money so why would they want to help you, they got what they wanted. Greedy fucking bastards. For the next 180 days they will use your money for short term investments earning both interest and income from your money. See now why they aren't so willing to help you get your money back? This is what happens when an unregulated company like Paypal is allowed to operate.

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    I read somewhere that paypal employees that don't use paypal get fired. meanwhile the paypal ceo had his paypal account hacked. yeah that would really make want to use Paypal...NOT.

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    it wouldn't surprise me one bit if there is some kind of 'employee-agreement" that employees at paypal have agree to and forever be silent of any experiences about paypal. I mean you don't hear anyone speak out against this huge corporation who is pissing off and robbing thousands of users every day.


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