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Thread: After 10 years PayPal wants my SSN

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    Default After 10 years PayPal wants my SSN

    I went to add funds to my PayPal account. For some reason, it prompted me for the last 4 digits of my S.S. number. Message appears, says it can't confirm. Then I'm prompted to turn over personal information about myself, making me WAY too uncomfortable, but to add funds to may OLD account, I have to provide this information. Typical form letters were later sent, no Names mentioned, not even mine, from PayPal, but they want EVERY piece of information about me. They want PROOF S.S.#, Photo ID, and PROOF of Postal Address. I had the account 8-10 years, but NOW they are concerned about security

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    Makes you wonder what they really need all your very private information for. If someone has been using their service for 8 years without providing a SSN why would they need it now all of a sudden. If this is something PayPal needs they should just ask for it when you sign up so people have an option whether they want to give this information or not. This should not be something paypal asks for after the fact and when you need your money or in other ways update your paypal account.
    PayPal is only doing this so thy can hold your money and once, if you submit the information they will most likely suspend your account and you'll have to wait 180 days to get your money back.

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    After a decade you’d think they’d trust you enough to not need a social, eh?! They are just the pits. I left them after 4 years because they limited my account due to suspicious activity. Long story short my money was held up for 21 days and the actibity in question was that I logged in through multiple devices (ex. My ipad, blackberry and desktop). If I were you I wouldn’t hand over that information. They are way too shady. The more they have on you the more damage they can do financially.

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    It's all automated.. it's really a shame though. Of course, there are ways around this.

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