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Thread: Ebay & Payal Verified Account 4 sale

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    prosto_prelest Guest


    Hi there,
    Need ebay+paypal accs. email me [email][/email]

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    garrym60 Guest

    Default need accounts

    Please email or advise details.


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    garrym60 Guest


    I need UK account - PayPal & eBaY: [email][/email]

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    stussyjames Guest


    I am interesting for your accout, could you email to brianfhopang @

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    terrence500 Guest


    Best thing when getting ebay account is to just use the information as matches the PP.for Example: I have several ebay accounts in other countries. But when I create an ebay account for Germany, I use my U.S. address. They would find out if I had lied anyhow, so by using an address that matches the IP of my country, they figure I am not trying to lie about who I am.


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