I have both sold and bought items on Ebay several times. I do not use it as a business. I usually only sell something I don't want anymore but don't want pawn shop price for it. Usually the stuff I have bought has taken some time but I expect that a bit. But the mess with letting Fedex know you have a package needing shipped, then a day or two later they come pick it up from "our warehouse" then it's scanned and so on and so on. When I sell something, as soon as I get the money I take it to whoever is carrying it (Fedex, UPS, etc) and give it to them.

I bought this item on Thursday of last week. I was hoping to use it by next weekend. The item was shipped on Monday. My label was printed and and I was notified by email on Monday. Pfffffft Now Fedex is on vacation til Wednesday and they haven't picked it up yet. Though I have a useless tracking number.

I guess I was deluded to think that a company selling on ebay was actually a company. I won't give them negs as long as I recieve the item, but if I'm spending more than 100 dollars I expect my order to be handled as if I'm a customer.