I'm 16 so technically shouldn't be allowed a paypal account as the age limit is 18. They allowed me make and account and link my bank account and card to it. I made 280 doing modded lobbies. They limited my account and said in 180 days they will email me with details on how to get the money back. At the moment I can't send or receive money, refund or transfer funds to my bank account. This is really unfair Embarrassed

"While reviewing your PayPal account, we have discovered that you do not
meet the minimum age requirement of age 18. As a result, full access to
this account has been denied. This decision may not be appealed."

"Your remaining account balance will be held in your PayPal account for
180 days from the date your account was limited. After 180 days, you will
be notified via email with information on how to receive your remaining

This is my 3rd account to be limited, but this time they said it's because I'm 16, the other two times were just beacuse my account is of "potential high threat"