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Thread: Could ebay send me to collection /affect my credit history?

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    tamike Guest

    Default Could ebay send me to collection /affect my credit history?

    ebay recently sided with a buyer who claimed "item wasnt in the box"
    total scam
    they gave him the money back (big amount) and now freezing my account waiting for their money from me.
    They disregarded all the reasonable doubt i provided and failed to conduct a reasonable investigation. Just granted the buyer his money back.

    the question: if i dont pay it, besides losing my status with them, could they sent me to collection?
    if i open another ebay/paypal account, do they have the right to go after me there?

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    Sugarplum Guest


    First off I wouldn’t pay it. They are known for siding with buyers under ridiculous circumstances.
    Take my account for example, the customer wanted a refund so I gave them one after the product was returned, on top of that PayPal issued a credit which sent my account into the negative. I refused to bring my negative account back up and they withdrew it from my bank account. Lesson learned. First thing you will need to do is close your bank and credit accounts. After about a month and a half they will take the liberty of taking the funds out of your account if they still have access to it. You can try to open a new ebay paypal account but you will need a new ip address, name, bank, email and so forth. Sounds like a lot of trouble to go for being that this will probably happen to you again. Anyone you give your social out to can put you in collections but I don’t think they necessarily report it to the credit bureaus. My software firm has an “in-house” collections company, we make the threats but never actually report past due accounts to the 3 majors. 8 times out of 10 we get people to pay up just by wording stuff right.

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    Sean Dietz Guest


    I wouldn’t worry too much about collections companies coming after you. Paypal claims that I owe them something to the tune of five-hundred dollars (after they added in bullshit fees). That was a year ago and I have yet to hear from a dirt bag collections agent or see anything negative pop up on my report. You just be sure to conduct business elsewhere in the future. I didn’t want to have to leave ebay because that’s my money machine so I had to look into alternate processors, in the end it all worked out and I’m not processing without paypal breathing down my neck.


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