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OMG do you hear yourself whining? Nobody is holding a gun to your head forcing you to use paypal. If you don't like don't use it. If you feel like you were "duped" then maybe you should have taken your lazy ass and read the user agreement before you signed up so you knew what you were in for. All you uneducated lazy ass people need to quit bitching and get over the mistakes you made...not PayPal. Do you honestly think the government would allow a corporation of this size to commit all these "crimes" you are talking about and not do a thing a bout it. It's a capitalist market and if you don't like it get out.
eBay does force us to use Paypal. It's not like 1998 when you could send money orders to buy and sell on eBay. Now you have to accept Paypal for most items categories on eBay.

It's an ignorant and baseless comment to say that no one is making us use Paypal. Sites like eBay and Fiverr make us use Paypal if we want to do any trading of goods and services online.