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Thread: Can't open a depute for item not received after a year - HELP!

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    Default Can't open a depute for item not received after a year - HELP!

    So I purchased a makeup palette from a website called Coastal Scents bank in April 2011 and have only just realised I haven't received it. I paid US$39.15 for this. I have contacted the business and they say they can't do anything about it. They do not offer a refund let alone a replacement. I have contacted Paypal to open a dispute as I want my money back though they claim they are unable to issue a refund as it is over the 45 day purchase time frame. I don't understand as a buyer why I should be the one to keep track of my online purchases when I have paid for the item and the seller should deliver. Is there anyone I can approach to have this matter solved?

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    YOu don't have any options with Paypal since it's been over 45 days so now you have 2 other options. You can try to contact the seller and see if they are willing to work with you, which you have tried all ready, but try it again and maybe mention that since you never received your product you are going to have to talk to your bank or credit card provider to reverse the charge...after all you never got what you paid for. If the seller still won't work with you do exactly that; talk to your bank or credit card provider to reverse the charge. It may be too late there as well but it does not hurt trying. Good luck

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    What I donít understand is why it took you a year to figure out that you didnít receive your product. Iím sorry but as a single dad working a full time job and selling products on the side from home it frustrates me to see people complain about not receiving something after a reasonable amount of time. This is a case that paypal would normally side on the buyer with and the seller would be out of luck. Iím sure the seller is thinking that youíre making it all up. Did they provide you with tracking info? Maybe the postal service lost the package. I hope your credit card company thinks itís a ridiculous request to file a charge back after a year, thereís a 6 month statute of limitations for a reason! Youíre going to do nothing but damage the sellerís record.

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    Call the guy who sold the goods to you and see if they are willing to work on a refund. Worst case scenario theyíll stick you with a partial credit. Threaten to leave them negative feedback and all the bad publicity you can muster up. I know that would get my buns in gear! Iíve seen paypal side with buyers and sellers so the chances of you getting your money back from them after all this time are slim to none. I donít think your credit company will be willing to do much either but you could always try and charge it back.


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