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Thread: merchant type account needed for ebay

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    kungyu Guest

    Default merchant type account needed for ebay

    im in need of a merchant type account for ebay, merchantinc denied my app for some reason. im in the US and need one that works with ebay and it dosent hold funds for 21 days like paypal. i really dont know where to start after trying merchantinc and the link they sent me. any suggestions?

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    Unregistered Guest


    Did they tell you why they denied the application? My merchant inc application wasn’t approved through the first vendor they sent my information to but then they offered to apply through a second company which approved my account. It turns out it was a silly mix-up on my application that was keeping it from being approved. There are a lot of companies that ebay will work with instead of paypal, a few of them are first data, global payments, nova, paymenttech. Before looking into alternatives I’d give merchant inc another call to see if they have anywhere else to send you to. I do know that if you have been shut down by another company and your blacklisted you cant open an account anywhere.

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    Lea Raeswin Guest


    I feel your pain kung! I thought a merchant account would be a great solution after working with paypal but it turns out I wasn’t approved either. Although, it wasn’t their fault entirely. I had an account opened in the mid 90s and it was shut down my Nova. Well it turns out Nova reported me to a match file which makes it damn hard to get with a reputable merchant company. I hired a credit repair team to contact the former company I worked with to see if we can clear up my blemishes and I can process credit cards again. Best of luck to you, hopefully you can find a good place to accept cards through – this paypal business is for the birds!

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    Jeremy Guest


    I know your pain. I too was looking for an alternative to paypal. I was declined myself through merchantinc. My own fault non of theirs. I didn't quite explain my business type properly to them but I went with their alternate company and was approved after filling out the application and giving the proper information. The other company they refer you to might be able to help you out as they were able to with me

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    Joseph Thomas Guest


    I was declied through merchantin due to my business type. I decided I would go through the other company they referred me to First Data and they approved me. The rep I spoke with told me that when Merchantinc cant approve you that most of the time First Data will and she was right. I'm now processing with them and it's working ot great so far. You might want to try them as well


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