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Thread: No activity=suspicious activity??

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    4everinfrontofyou Guest

    Default No activity=suspicious activity??

    We used our Paypal account quite a bit at one point in time and then life got busy and things changed. A year later we tried to reconnect with them and were told our account was frozen due to "suspicious activity". We found NO activity at all on our account by us or anyone else during the period in question. We have tried in every way to get to the bottom of this and activate our account to no avail. We have an online business selling wedding decorations and accessories and need to be able to accept online payments and preferably something we can use at the trade shows we go to as well. Please HELP!

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    Gabriela Guest


    Same thing happened to me with paypal. I took a little break on my online business because I had a baby and wanted to devote as much time as I could with her when she was born. When she was about 8 months old I decided to get back to my online business and was shocked when I found out my account was closed due to "suspicious activity" but when I searched there was none and When I call Paypal they had no answers for me. So I stated searching and I can across the merchantinc website. The fees were very low and the customer service reps were so helpful. I've been with then for almost a year now and I'm so happy. The great thing with merchantinc i you can manually key in credit card orders when your out at trade shows which I think is great

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    bubbly Joe Guest


    That sounds just like a paypal move to me Ė suspicious activity HA! They put me through the ringer over having too many sales. Apparently 25 orders a month is a reason to get in an uproar, they gave me some BS about the ratio of my domestic to international orders. Blah blah! I canít stand them anymore, I swear if they put half the effort in customer retention that they do in driving away business they would be set for life! I use a company called National Merchant Bancard. They work with Authorize.Net which happens to be Ebay compatible. I donít do trade shows but I do dabble in home events from time to time and as long as I have internet access I can run the order from the customers home. The application process was pretty simple, it was all done online. Have you looked into alternatives yet?

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    Anything is going to be better than PayPal so at least you know you are trading up. Most merchant account comes with a monthly fee ranging from $8-60+/month and alot of them has lover processing rates then paypal as well. A real merchant account is federally regulated unlike PayPal,which is the reason paypal can get away with all their questionable business practices.
    Now adays many of the merchant accounts some with free apps that you can download to a tablet or smartphone making it possible to accept payments pretty much anywhere in the world.


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