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Thread: Account limited for no reason

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    Default Account limited for no reason

    Hi guys! I have my ~3 month salary on paypal what i tried to withdraw. Meanwhile my account was locked for no reason, and i have to give information about myself to get it back.
    Photo ID, Proof of Address, Provide more information about payments.

    I did the Photo ID and the proof of adress part but if i click on "Provide more information about payments" i got an error: "Invalid or missing transaction ID. Please select again."

    What should i do? Im realy disappointed and frustrated...

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    frenzy44 Guest


    Bite the bullet and give them a call better then sitting and waiting for a solution. They may be able to provide you with an e-mail address or fax # where you can send the payment/transaction information to.
    There is always something "down" on the paypal website and I have gotten numerous error messages myself when trying to navigate their site and my account.

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    Jenny Guest


    Three months salary would put a dent in anyoneís budget huh?! I have had the missing transaction ID error message before but it was when I was processing a credit card order, it turns out it was a billing issue. I agree with the post above, give them a call
    1-888-221-1161. Maybe they can assist you, although itís an automated line for the most part so you might just be wasting time. May I suggest you find another way to get paid in the future? Paypal has really just become a nightmare of a company to work with. You could also try faxing them the additional information that they are requesting, Iím guessing that they are looking for invoices.

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    Johnson Guest


    I would try calling them at 1-888-221-1161. Although I doubt you will be able to get ahold of anyone over there. They have the worst customer service or lack there of. I would try to find another solution to receiving your payroll. This may happen again and again with them

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    Lisa Matthews Guest


    Good luck! It is damn near impossible to get a hold of a live person over at paypal. You can send an email but again its automated and not form a real person. I had the same problem. They limited my account I called for weeks and still couldnt get through. I said the hell with it, closed every account tied to paypal and went with a different processor

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    Lindsey Love Guest


    3 months salary would definitely have me pulling my hair out. You can call but that probably won't get you very far. You can send emails but the reposes are automated. I would just call and call until someone can help you. Eventually you will hopefully reach someone who has a heart over there at paypal and would be willing to help you but those people are a rare breed over there


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