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Thread: Can't get a hold of PayPal

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    Hello?? Guest

    Default Can't get a hold of PayPal

    Is anyone else having problems getting through to PayPal on the phone? Every time I call and go through all the prompts and finally get transferred to speak to a customer service rep there is a click and then nothing but silence. Then after about a minute I get "If you'd like to make a call please hang up and dial again"
    I have been trying to get my limitations lifted by sending in the requested documentation but every time I do nothing happens. I get no confirmation that my info was received and nothing changes with my account status. I don't even know if they are receiving what I am sending them. I tried e-mailing them but all I got was an automated reply without any suggestions to a solution.

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    I have had that happen a few times when calling payPal. I thought that maybe they had banned/blocked my phone number lol. If/when there is a problem with my account I will keep calling paypal until something gets done. Most of the time it takes a lot of calls but I depend on my paypal account to be able to collect my income so without it I would be on the street.

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    Lizzard Guest


    paypal is launching a their re-designed website in a few weeks that they claim will be much worse was an option lol

    I would think that one of the biggest reasons people visit the paypal website is to find contact information; phone number and e-mail address so that should be put front and center.

    Instead of wasting money on the website they should spend it on retraining their customer support to actually be helpful in paypal problem solving.

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    Stuart Guest


    Paypal I swear doesn't have a customer support center. I tried calling for 2 month with no luck at getting in contact with anyone and sending emails is a joke because all you get back is an automated response. I don't know why anyone would continue to want to use this company. After all the research I have done I'm so glad I got rid of paypal and went to a real merchant account company. What a great choice it has been!

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    Jaimie Guest


    Their customer service suck! You can never get through to anyone. Every time I called I got hung up on. If i did get a hold of someone they would hang up on me when I demanded answers. Their reps are horrible as a matter of fact the whole company SUCKS!!!!

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    ray53 Guest

    Default Paypal's Office contact in Australia

    Paypal Customer Service will tell that Paypal do NOT have an office or representatives in Australia .. THIS IS A LIE .. Paypal's office is at Level 23, 1 York Street, Sydney .. The Complaints Manager is Kirsty Poole, phone 02 8288 0040 .. Kirsty is very helpful .. If you want lots of information about Paypal go to ASIC website and do a company search. you will recieve an Current Company Extract which includes the names and home addresses of all directors .. You can also complain to Financial Ombudsman Service .. Paypal's member number is 10073 ..

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    Unregistered Guest

    Default Paypal's Owners

    Paypal is owned by Ebay .. their Australia address is Level 19/1 York Street, Sydney

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    Rita Hensen Guest


    Good luck! I have been trying to get a hold of paypal for months now with no luck at all. They have been holding my money for almost 6 months and I want to make sure I will be getting it soon, but trying to get a hold of someone is like pulling teeth. I have tried everything to get in contact with then and have failed each time. I'm so glad I got rid of this company before they gave me a heart attack

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    Brooke Clarke Guest


    I have been trying to get a hold of Paypal myself for the past 2 months with no luck. I have also tried the numbers given in this forum post with still no luck. This company sucks as a whole. I for one will never use them again. I actually just signed up for another merchant company and so far so good.

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    NYJ Guest

    Default ph # for PP

    try calling 888-221-1161 in the US for paypal. I have had good luck with that number


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