After 6 years in the customer support department and 2 years in the security management department Ebay Inc gave me the boot. Sure I got a nice little compensation package but that wont last me long with the unemployment rate the way that it is. Since I now have no loyalty to them here are a few little tips on how not to get screwed. First thing is first, always read the fine print, yeah itíll take you hours and you may need a law degree to understand it but youíll need to know your shit should we flag your account. Protect your passwords! Donít make your log in or passwords overly easy to guess and change them often Ė even though if you change them too often we will nab your ass for ďsuspicious behaviorĒ. Survival tip number three, donít keep large amount of monies in your account.
Iíve seen way too many people go down for keeping sums larger then $5k, $10K or higher. If you keep the funds in your account low, we lose interest. Read your emails, every last one of them. Too many people assume we are spamming them when really we are trying to relay time-sensitive information. Always chose credit cards over debit cards; using credit cards makes it easier to dispute transactions. If your going to give them your banking info that you open a separate bank account, because believe me we will dip in at our discretion.