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Thread: Alternative worth switching for

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    DonewithPP Guest

    Default Alternative worth switching for

    Has anyone tried any of the alternatives listed on this site? I have just about had it with paypal but at least with them I know my evil. If I am going to make the switch I want it to be worth it. I do not need another set of problems like Paypal.
    I sell for between $3000-5000/month and cannot wait for my money, I drop-ship. I am located in the US.
    Any insight would be appreciated.

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    Max Hope Guest


    Hey there. Iíve actually been working with the company this site recommends for about 5 months now and so far so good. I would defiantly make the switch. I looked around at other solutions but my volume is low and other places have sky high fees. This worked for me as a solution because it was an all in one stop. It turns out when you accept credit cards you need a merchant account, gateway and shopping cart if you have people checking out online, after I got down to the bottom line they were the most affordable to go with. Funding time is on average two days, and I get a monthly statement sent to me, I can also view my transactions online which is a huge help. Their customer support is stellar and the main thing is I donít have to wonder if they will limit me or shut me down in the blink of an eye. I was a little worried that my cliental wouldnít want to check out with my own merchant account so I kept the paypal buttons on my page for a couple of weeks, I got brave and fed up with PP so I have since took them down and it hasnít impacted the amount of transactions I get at all.

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    Ted Guest


    I lived in the UK for a few years and used Nochex to sell on online when I was over there and never had any problems with them. The sign up took me a while but once it was all said and done it worked well for my needs.
    I am back in the states now and have been thinking about getting started with selling in ebay again. I have talked to a few merchant service companies (I refuse to use PayPal) and I am leaning towards a company called merchantInc. Just haven't had a chance to call the yet.

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    merchantinc is what I have been using for a while and wish I had found it sooner. would have saves me a lot of headaches and money. paypal screwed me over good...loooooong story for another day.

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    Gracie Guest


    I went with merchant inc about 9 months ago after paypla put me through the ringer. I must say I couldn't be happier. There application and approval process was a breeze. I was set up within 2 business days and have had not 1 single problem since switching with them. I just wish I would have found them sooner and spared myself the stress I went through with paypal

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    Lisa Guest


    Ive been using merchantinc for almost 2 years now and it has been great! I really couldn't be more pleased. Paypal screwed me over every which way possible and it was really nice to know that there is a company out there that really does care and protects their sellers from fraud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted View Post
    I lived in the UK for a few years and used Nochex to sell on online when I was over there and never had any problems with them. The sign up took me a while but once it was all said and done it worked well for my needs.
    Will look into this as well, since I am from the UK. Trying to find some where to sell my iPod Touch, lol. Much appreciated.

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    Default Craigslist

    Craigslist is definitely a good alternative. The best thing about them is there are no fees like eBay. You have to be careful when you meet someone for a sale. I usually meet them at a McDonalds or any public place where there are people around. Also be careful when people email you and say they'll send you a money order in the mail and have their "mover" come pick up the item. It's a pretty common scam on Craigslist. Either way it's still a lot better than eBay and you can still make a lot of money.

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    BTW has anybody heard anything interesting about WePay? I tutor online and have a possibility of receiving my money through them!

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    I think skrill is probably the best alternative to PayPal, quick deposits/withdrawals and I've never had any problems with them. You just have to pass two forms of validation, you have three choices to choose from (bank deposit, address verification and one other which I can't quite remember).


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