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Thread: Legal to sell virtual items?

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    Default Legal to sell virtual items?

    Is it Legal to sell virtual items on eBay? Thanks!

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    Yes it is legal but VERY risky for the seller. Think about it; A tracking number is all that Paypal will take in to consideration as proof of delivery. PayPal does not consider any e-mails as evidence. So if one of your buyers opens a dispute "Item not Received" they will win even if you e-mailed or they downloaded the item virtually.

    This is what eBay says about it

    [url=]eBay Guides - Buying and Selling Virtual Items on eBay[/url]

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    Don't sell anything on eBay that you can not ship with a tracking number. You are setting yourself up for a loss.

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    If you are going to sell some thing virtual be sure to mail something as well with a tracking number to add some sort of protection for yourself. Like if you are selling an eBook maybe mail a download code that way you show your product was delivered. I know it is kind of backwards of doing it since it should/could be instant delivery but you have to protect yourself because Paypal and eBay wont

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    Quote Originally Posted by EbayReseller View Post
    Is it Legal to sell virtual items on eBay? Thanks!
    Yes it is legal but please be careful in doing so. I was selling music and MP3 files (such as audio books) and I was burned by paypal twice for it. The first time I felt like it was my fault because I didn’t have proof of delivery but the second time they just straight up sided with the buyer due to my “unsatisfactory history” with them. What I recommend doing is keeping correspondence with your clients via email and also have an agreement box that they must check off. There is a program that you can download (a little pricey but well worth it) that delivers a download notice which is great for your protection if someone files a dispute. I don’t have the name of it on me but I’ll try and stop by later and post it for everyone to check out. Instead of taking your chances with paypal, I would look around for alternatives, there’s a bunch out there. Good Luck!

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    seller protection does not apply when you sell virtual items using paypal so if you are planning on selling virtual items on ebay you are better off accepting payments using a merchant accountinstead of having to deal with shady paypal users looking to scam you knowing paypal will allow for this to happen.

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    was just ripped off for $2500 for a big web design job I did. The buyer paid 4 separate payments and after the job was done and last payment received he tells paypal that it was fraud on his account and he never authorized the payments. Next thing you know he gets all the money back. Paypal asked me for tracking number and I explained why there was none and they pretty much said too bad for you then.

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    Don't do it! Lost thousands on selling virtual, legit items when the buyers started filing chargebacks knowing I had no tracking info to prove delivery. Paypal didn't even listen to what I had to say, just blew me off.

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    It is legal to sell virtual goods on ebay, but it is important to have a file delivery system in place. There are a few filehosts to explore and weigh your options regarding features and cost. No doubt about it, file hosting will cut into your profits, but it is a good idea to completely idiot proof the delivery process. I had a bad experience with selling digital goods on ebay which caused me to lose my ability to sell and this may have been avoided if I had a proper file delivery service.

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    Default Virtual selling

    I would use Amazon or build your own site through Godaddy then social network like crazy. I mean you are being virtual so you might as well use every virtual tool available to you. Good luck to you!


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