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Thread: Legal to sell virtual items?

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    You are not safe if you are selling virtual items through eBay. Simply because it cannot be tracked. If the buyer opts charge backs, you have no proof that you have delivered the goods. So you will lose money.

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    Yes but it's super risky. You don't want to be selling something on ebay through paypal that isn't a physical object you can keep track of. Paypal is notorious for neglecting sellers while favoring buyers so you already have a disadvantage there. I know there aren't many other options online besides ebay for selling this kind of stuff but if I were you, I'd try to think of a different way to sell virtual items.

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    It is legal. I'd just get a comprehensive T&C thing going to make sure all bases are covered.

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    It is legal to sell virtual goods, but I wouldn't because people can just charge it back and keep the virtual good. It is hard for you to have a no refunds policy. You might want to pick another venue to sell it and not use Paypal for payments.

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    you can and people do, but it is risky for you as the seller because the buyer could claim they didn't get the product they ordered and since you wouldn't have the tracking code, you'd basically be screwed.


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