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Thread: a bad buyer list to prevent frauds and scams

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    badbuyerlist Guest

    Default a bad buyer list to prevent frauds and scams

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm an ebay seller and using PayPal.
    However, PayPal's seller protection is a joke.
    Chargebacks from fraud buyers make me crazy and loss lots of money.
    I found the best way to prevent charge back is to avoid bad buyers.
    So I build the website:

    [url=]Bad Buyer List[/url]

    Sellers can share bad buyer informations with each others.
    Any suggestion is welcome.

    Thank you.

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    blahblah Guest


    No one can stop the buyer from filing a charge back.... the bank or credit card company pulls the money back because they were told be that account holder that the transaction was unauthorized... duh

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    eseller Guest


    your web site is good, I reported one bad buyer but he came to know about it and based on my Ip address he track me down and left very nasty comment, is there a way to delete it ?
    the commnet was posted back in 2011. thank you

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    Default Flaw with "badbuyerlist" website and plea for help

    Hi. I am a victim of your website. Someone posted complaining about me. None of what they say is true. That wouldn't bother me except it allows the whole world to see all my info including my home address, phone number and name. That means if they have any one of those facts, they have all my information. That is very dangerous. I do know that all they say is not true which makes me think anyone can post about anyone without proof on your web site. Its very dangerous. I have written to you at the contact email address provided at your website and have received no response. I am pleading with you to help me remove the post about me. Please. Please.

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    This is good, but the whole problem sellers would still face would be the use of stealth accounts. Any buyer can open up multiple stealth accounts and buy. You can block them by adding the filter on eBay, but it is very difficult to determine which buyers would cause the most issues.


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