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Thread: We do try over at Paypal

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    Oh believe me we understand that paypal isn’t a charity. You bastards are the farthest thing from one. No one expects to process credit cards for free, but what we do expect is not to be victims of highway robbery! Your “holds” do nothing to protect buyers or sellers. I’ve been burned as a seller but also know many people who have been screwed over by purchasing goods/services through paypal. Nobody minds limiting what seems to be suspicious activity but what your company limits and holds then provides little to no reasoning behind their actions! For example, my account was limited because my cousin had an open dispute with paypal. Apparently we have the same last name and that made my account a “risk”. Now let me tell you… we live in different states, sell different services and I haven’t spoken with him in 5 years! That just seems like a bunch of poppycock if you ask me. I’d think your money would be better spent if you researched real fraud cases instead of making stuff up and holding good peoples money in limbo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYcashcow View Post
    Honestly there are two sides to every story and I really think paypal sucks in a lot of aspects but I don't feel like PayPal are at blame for trying to make money. That is what every business is in business for. I have bigger problems with Exxon Mobile and BoA but that's another story.
    However with that said there are about a million ways Paypal could improve their business practices and make it a bit less shady. For example:
    -FDIC insure my money
    -Follow federal banking regulations
    I totally agree: Holding peoples money is so wrong. they are a payment processing service and have no actual right to hold money. Why do they continue to get away with it why does our government let them? I think we need to start bombarding the media with our displeasure. Local and national get our voices heard. The media is really the only way to get results. Use Reuters, the internet, local news, national news talk shows etc. We need to
    ban together and start calling and emailing the media about paypal's shadiness.

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    Default I seldom feel violent, but...

    hudaluda, it's this simple: NO. Never again. Never another chance. Is dangerous to livelihood. Can put one on the street. Can cause loss of home. HAS done this many, many times. How can you even argue about this - just because they haven't shafted YOU yet?

    Open your eyes, dude or chick! You're completely missing the point that PayPal STEALS AND KEEPS PEOPLE'S MONEY. It has nothing - nothing whatsoever to do with the necessity of earning a profit. But if that means holding people's money for weeks, months and years - there is something seriously wrong. And you expect me to allow my funds to cross your desks again? YEAH!

    "PayPal is not a bank" is very similar to "A 3 year old is not an experienced marksman". Using PayPal is like giving a loaded gun to a 3 year old.

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    Not one single person I have dealt with over at paypal has even pretended to care about my issue I am having. So I don't know who over there gives a shit. I mean you can't even get a reply to an email. Or a call back as promised. All that you get is passed around from department to department and then told that it's an ebay issue and I have to call eBay. Ebay tells me that it has to do with payment and it is a paypal issue. NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON HAS CARED!

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    when are you people at paypal going to realise that you pay comes from what we Merchants pay the company, WE are your customers, not the end-users who buy from us with their paypal personal accounts.

    get a grip on the world of real commerce, not you internet care-bear marxist ideal where you think eveyone with a business is a capitalist pig in a fur coat with a big cigar and everyone who shops on line is a trusting little saint who needs protecting from the likes of us.

    Paypal has turned out like its owner, eBay. biggest capitalst on the block, pretending to have egaletarian ideals of "fair" and people trading with one another. My arse, its more like a kafkaesque nightmare of hippy heaven with big companies creaming off money from small businesses. People who work far harder than you.

    businesses like mine who have supported you with our custom for the last ten years mean nothing to you. you treat us like crooks. Guilty till proved innocent.

    You paypal people disgust me.


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