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Thread: Paypal... won't take my money

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    Default Paypal... won't take my money

    I'm a PayPal newbie, registered last December despite the horror stories I've read. Yes, I knew about this site and still registered and now I have to pay for my stupidity.

    I'm a buyer only and have had about 25 successful purchases, no problems whatsoever, but today I got an e-mail from PayPal saying my balance is negative. I had 30 USD on it yesterday. According to log PayPal reversed my most recent transfers from bank to PayPal (why?), making it impossible for me to pay for an auction ending very soon.

    WTF is this and what am I to do? What's the point of refusing my money? If they're going to scam people wouldn't it be better to take and hold the money instead of pulling this reversal bullshit? I guess I should be glad they haven't stolen my money and instead "just" cause me a non-payer reputation on eBay.

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    PayPalVictim99 Guest


    What's happening is...they don't want smaller buisness anymore so they are purposely doing anything they can to get the smaller guy, buyer OR seller, kicked off and out of the way.
    To keep your buyer integrity, send an email to the seller and explain to him/her what happened and that you will send him/her a money order for the purchase. They don't have to send the item until they receive your money anyway. Just make sure you keep records and a photocopy of the money order as well as the receipt and send the money order return receipt requested so you have proof they received it. I don't know if that will remedy the problem of your purchase not being in the data-base of their software through PayPal payments or maybe the seller can do something on their end. Sounds to me like they (PayPal) are up to something; like getting you kicked out, like they have done to so many of us...Well, good luck

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    Hurlin4U Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by diepaypaldie View Post
    I'm a PayPal newbie.
    What's the point of refusing my money?
    Did you verify the bank account with them? If not, then they have no way of knowing if you signed up with someone elses CCD & just decided now to use it.

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