I am one of the unlucky 'limited' paypal account holders

I am not a dodgy seller but needed to not have buyers know who I really was.

Paypal is holding over AU$1500 of my money in hard earned sales and I have only a few more days until my account is suspended through not all info given to reactivate my account.

I have used my son's middle name and surname for the paypal account with all other info correct to my details (and a yahoo email address)
I used his day and month of birth but with my year.

I have sent a bank account statement and an electricity bill so far but am stumped with the last thing they require.
They are after a passport, a drivers license, birth certificate or similar to finish the process.

Can anyone help?

Do they check the details for fraud?
As my address and other details are real.
His bank account is real too.
The utilities bill not so real
He is only 6yrs old

I am in Australia (Queensland) and use a Mac - so photoshop is not an option for me.

I really need to get that money as now I am really behind