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Thread: Holy Cow what's happened to Paypal???

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    Default Holy Cow what's happened to Paypal???

    I used to be a big Ebay user and of course Paypal kind of goes with that. I got away from the whole online auction things and have not done much in the past 4 years. Hit some rough times in the past year and I have a drawer full of collectable stuff I know is work hundreds on Ebay so I started putting stuff out there. First item sold for almost 400 bucks woohoo I can get the car fixed. I was confused to see after the guy paid, I shipped the item the same day, he received it the next day, gave me a positive review, I sent tracking info, he was happy, but I don't have my money? Could take up to 21 days? WTF? I've been a verified user for years. This is some BS. I need the money, got bills to pay. They are saying as little as 3 days but up to 21 days? Well I'm going on 6 and waiting for my money and guess I'm screwed until they are damn good and ready to release it to me? Meanwhile the buyer has his merchandise? Definately closing my Paypal account as soon as I can get that money out and looking for alternatives on this site. I could not belive when I googled paypal sucks all the BS I saw? Holy Cow!

    PS: It's bad enough it takes a week to get the money out of Paypal and into my checking account. Now this?
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    Welcome...thats paypal for you. The worlds most backwards company. I couldn't take it any more with them constantly holding my money, promising to release it just to reneg on it. I went with a company called merchantinc and i have been very pleased. Non of that holding my money and so user friendly.

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    Well I guess I'm lucky I finally got my money only having to wait a week after the Ebay buyer had his merchandise in hand. Quickly transferred what was left after their credit card fee and then once it was confirmed in my account, cancelled PayPal. They had the balls to send me a review, and I filled it out. They want to make sure you are completely satisfied. Yeah right!


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