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Thread: Don't let eBay fool you

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    I am too scared to get a paypal account after what I have heard from friends and from all the online horror stories I have read. Even if only half of it is true it is still a gamble I would not like to take. I wish more people selling on ebay would accept credit cards with out me having to have a paypal account. It really limits my buying because I will not but if Paypal is the only payment option.

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    Stand your ground. I REFUSE to use PayPal. They screwed me once and I'm not about to let that happen again. I will not buy or sell using a PayPal account because it is just not safe anymore. At one time they worked ok but now too many sneeky scamming people use their service because they know how to work the Paypal backwards system to their favor. If more of us REFUSE to use Paypal in any capacity, perhaps a change could be made.

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    when I read this I felt like jumping up and clicking my heals together. I love selling on eBay but absolutely HATE paypal and their stupid 21 day hold and not to mentioned how my account was hacked twice. I guess the one thing I liked about Paypal is the no monthly cost but their processing fee is quiet high at 2.9%.
    I found there are many merchant accounts that you can use to sell on ebay, funny how they just keep pushing paypal on you over at ebay. The cheapest one I could find was merchantinc, only $8/month (I can deal with that since the % is only 1.99) Verified and approved in 2 days and now selling on ebay without paypal and could not be happier.


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