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    Default "empty box" claim

    How would a seller protect themselves from a buyer claiming they recvd an empty box?
    It just seems like it would be too easy to scam an eBay seller or am I just paranoid?

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    ooo tough one - guess theres no way to prove there was something in the box prior to shipping it.maybe something documenting the weight?

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    It is good to be paranoid if you are using paypal or ebay because they will screw you over. There is NO way to protect yourself from an "empty box" claim and paypal will always site with the buyer. It's a shame.

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    Happened to me ad a buyer. I purchased a police scanner radio and got an old school text book instead. I guess it was technically an empty box but certainly not what I paid for. I never got my money back and I never got the police scanner radio either. Buyers do get taken as well.

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    I've been told that eBay has a new program called the "Empty Box Policy". Basically if a buyer or seller receives an empty box all they need do is check with the carrier first and then contact their local law enforcement agency, file a report, forward a copy to ebay, and ebay will credit the reporting party for the item and ship costs. This eliminates the need to file a case in the RC, this specific situation is not provided for in the RC anyway, cases for it still get filed there though. Ebay handles it internally and expeditiously, the rep made it sound painless and not at all cumbersome compared to filing a case in the RC

    Now does the local law enforcement not have bigger crimes to deal with?


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