Choose PAYSON as your merchant

When register at payson you dont need a creditcard and as soon you have validate your confirm link in your email you are verified.

They welcome all swedish customers and international customers i think if u are form usa u can signup with them too.

You can take payments in SEK and in EUR currency

On the largest swedish auction you can pay the buyer with Payson

Payson is the safe merchant i ever use, when u want to withdraw the money you just put in your bank account number

they have a fee of 2sek for withdraw

So if you dont like paypal, use payson i have business account with them

and they never scammed me, and they dont scam people either.

When they have been on tv commercials to be the best in sweden

Payment is easy and secure with Payson.

In Payson, you can use both debit cards and Internet banking

or previously deposited funds. Even if you do not have a

Payson before you in just seconds

do the transaction through Payson.

Payson cooperate with VISA, MasterCard and all Swedish

banks that offer direct payments, Handelsbanken,

Swedbank, SEB and Nordea.

Read more about Payson here: [URL=""][/URL]