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    Horrible fraud, unable to collect a $2100 USPS insurance because of ebay interfering with a pay-pal transaction. I could not produce a pay-pal receipt because of their (ebay & pay-pal) fraudulent documentation. Ebay says to call pay-pal and pay-pal says to call e-bay. Wow, horrible experience.

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    its funny because its the same company! jesus they are the devil! dont call ebay or pay pal - call a merchant service provider and get some real service!

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    Call them both on 3-way and don't let them hang up until there is a resolution. After your problem is solved...if ever...never use paypal or eBay again. They are the master scammers.

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    If you had the package insured should it not be USPS paying out the insurance?

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    Basically when you put PayPal and Ebay together you get a whole lotta trouble. They won't be too quick to rectify anything. Hope you have some time on your hands and a whole lotta patience. Hopefully it will work out for you.

    sucks that there are so many people being done wrong. hang in there.

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    so did you buy or sell something? If you bought something you didn't get do a chargeback. you always win that with paypal.

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    Expensive lesson learned. Now I hope you stay away from paypal because you never win with them. Ever!


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