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    my issue about paypal is ..i bought some items on ebay lately and then some items did not arrive so the sellers gave me a refund but paypal instead of sending those refunds to my creditcard directly as they did befor..they sent me the refund in my paypal balance..the problem is they placed it in my local currency(Guatemalan Quetzales)which is not supported by paypal..i could not convert them to dollars or any other international currency ..i have called customer service many and they told me that they will place a request for my issue and have to expect a result in 3 days as maximum i waited 5 days and nothing happened ..i called again and they told me the same and they will send the money back to my credit card and now 2 weeks have passed and again nothing happens ..i do not know what to do ..they money i have in my balance is useless although my paypal is verified but i can not use it to buy anything or to convert to dollars or even to send i as a gift for some one ....i really would like some experts to suggest me something i am even ready to sell my paypal account for the half price of the amount it has

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    Every time you call paypal they will promise you whatever you want to hear just to get you to shut up and hang up. They never follow through on anything said over the phone.

    I know you said paypal does not support your currency so does that mean they will not convert your current currency to a currency they do support?
    Have you tried:
    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Profile at the top of the page.
    Click Currency Balances under "Financial Information."
    Enter the amount to convert in the Currency Exchange field.
    Choose a currency to convert to.
    Click Calculate to preview the conversion results.
    Click Review Exchange to accept the conversion.
    Confirm the transfer by clicking Exchange Currency.

    What about Paypal mailing you a check?

    I don't get how they can placed it in your local currency Guatemalan Quetzales that they say they don't support and then not convert it back.

    Good luck to you.

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    Paypal takes forever with anything that has to do with you getting your money. If it is Paypal getting their money it is instant. Give them a few more days and hope for the best.
    I waited 4 (!!!!!) years for funds to be released to me.

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    good luck with getting any help from paypal. I'd kiss that money goodbye


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