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Thread: Paypal Here? Anyone tried it?

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    Default Paypal Here? Anyone tried it?

    Hi, I am just curious to here from anyone that has used Paypal Here. How long did it take to get the swiping device? Do buyers really trusting you to swipe their credit card on a phone on a swiping device that has Paypal written all over it? Is the customer support any good for Paypal Here?

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    I stopped using paypal after they dipped into MY bank account w/o permission, so I cant say that I used their swiper. I have since opened a merchant account and use something called roampay which is great. I can process credit cards online (virtual terminal) or if I have clients from my craft shows in front of me I just swipe away and they are happy. I had to open a merchant account but all in all I'm very pleased w the service

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    Anything with the letters that come together to spell PAYPAL...SUCKS!! Paypal has a hold of my money for waaaaay too long once I get it I will not have any dealings with them again in any way shape or form!

    Doubt you will find many "good stories" about Paypal, Paypal Here or their customer service.

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    The swiper that attaches to the phone looks really cheesy and wobbly.

    Will paypal still hold the funds for 21 days even though it's a face to face transaction?

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    PayPal Here, PayPal Now, PayPal plain and simple.. sucks.

    It really doesn't matter what Paypal does...what "service" they me and many they will remain the wolf in sheeps clothing...BEWARE.

    So to answer your question, haven't used it, won't try it, and not altogether sure I would purchase something with someone using that triangle dongle of Paypals!

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    Default Reviews are in

    Found some interesting facts about Paypal here

    "PayPal Here is promising to have both live phone and online support; however, it is yet to be seen how the company handles communication regarding holds and reserves."

    What can I say it their customer support going to be as stellar as their current support team lol

    PayPal Here handles its merchant processing limits and fund holding procedures in a very similar fashion to Square. Merchants who key-in more than $1,000 in sales within any rolling seven day period will have the funds over $1,000 held in a reserve for 30 days before they will be released. Also like Square, this limit does not apply to swiped transactions of which the exact processing limits and reserve procedures are ambiguous and based on “risk” factors

    I guess that is if you are lucky enough that they will release the funds after 30 days.

    Upon further inspection, PayPal Here has some caveats in its pricing that are set to expire on April 15th of 2012. For instance, PayPal Here charges 3.5% for swiped American Express cards but is currently rebating merchants the difference to bring the final fee down to 2.7%

    Well well no surprise there and I am sure it will change again soon after that increase


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