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Thread: cannot close account...uhm?

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    Default cannot close account...uhm?

    Hello guys,

    after almost 10 years with PP I decided to close my account, following a silly problem over Ebay (not paypal!) which anyway froze my account also on my paypal without even a dispute opened there. Now the problem was solved (the buyer was not happy with the item and asked to return it to me, which I accepted. Meanwhile PP kept asking me to deposit the amount I promised to refund to buyer on the ebay system) I want to close the account. Everything is back to order and I have no limitations. However, once I removed all the bank accounts and CC's , when I reach the last step to close my account, the system gives me a very weird error message (discontinuous technical error...try later). I tried many times in the past 48 hours and I start thinking it's a way to delay the closure. Anyone else experienced that? thanks

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    even if you delete your bank information, credit card information and any personal information you have given paypal they keep it...forever. There is really no such thing as closing your paypal account. You can stop using it but even if you "officially close it with paypal" they will keep all information you ever given to them. Paypal also will not let you close your account if you have activity on it within the last six months. "to protect you and the sellers and buyers"

    Just to protect yourself be sure to close any bank account you had linked to your paypal account and report your credit card as lost or stolen. That way paypal can;t help themselves to any of your money in the future and if your "closed" accounts hacked at least you don;t have any valid information on it.

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    you try this? or maybe call paypal

    How do I close my PayPal account?
    If you close your PayPal account, it canít be reopened. Any scheduled or incomplete transactions are canceled. You canít close your account if there are limitations, unresolved issues, or a balance.

    To close your account:
    Log in to your PayPal account.
    Click Profile near the top of the page.
    Click My settings.
    Click Close Account in the Account type section and follow the steps listed.

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    Send them an e-mail that you wish to close your account and send them a fax that you wish to close your account.

    I never hear of people having trouble signing up...however everything else is a Problelm with Paypal.
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    You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave!

    Paypal is the biggest scam on earth. You don't sign a contract with them for a certain amount of time. Yet they won't let you close your account. Scammers always seem to be able to close their account within minutes of a payment clearing and them withdrawing it.

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    I'd call and see if you can get an american human on the phone to help out - being that that will probably not happen i'd call the bank you gave them access to and make sure you block them from being able to ach your account, follow the same course of action with your credit cards.

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    certified letter in the mail with your request to close your account and delivery confirmation. then submit the tracking number to paypal just for shits and giggles


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