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Thread: another top rated seller who got screwed

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    Default another top rated seller who got screwed

    top rated, silver powerseller, 99.9% pos feedback, no complaints, 3 years, 3,000 sales a month, also had 4 other accounts about the same. got permanently limited and money frozen for 180 days. said my transactions were high risk.

    i tried making new ebay accounts using friends details but now ebay have seller limits. it will take me forever to work my way back up to 3k a day. if i had a seller account (ideally 5 different accounts) with no limits i could instantly start making 3000 a month again. this is where i need your help guys. if you can help ill give you a percentage of what i make.

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    The free ebook offered through this site covers a little about how to get back onto ebay without getting detected. There is also the option of buying stealth accounts but that can be risky not knowing who you are dealing with and if you'll actually will get what you paid for.

    ebook [url=]Toolkit Pro[/url]

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    Please read up before you go making accounts Especially multiple accounts. You will continue to get linked and limited.
    Golden AGED ebay and paypal accounts for sale. Fair prices.. a PM for details or shoot me an email



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