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    Well I'm only 14, And I live in the U.S Got Negative Balance on PayPal Fucked up
    Hard! $-158. Scared ALOT. PayPal will sell a "debt" to NCO and they will handle it and I am underaged. Scared , but don't want to tell my dad about it. Should
    I just confess that I am underaged to NCO. Man I would Fuck Up even more if
    it shows up in my dad's credit. The Name on the PP account was in my name though and I'm underaged. I am so scared, worried, and paranoid. I don't have enough to pay this back! My family is too poor, especially if it goes on my dad's credit report!!!!

    As a Parent: How would you feel if your son got negative PayPal balance and NCO was calling you asking for your under aged son?

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    As a parent I ALWAYS want my kids to be honest to me!

    How did you end up with a negative balance? If you are without the money and product you sold then you don't owe anything and if the debt gets sold to a collection agency and they try to contact you you just tell them that you never owed this money and if they call again you will have to sue them. According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act the collection agency have to prove that you owe this money, its called verification of the debt. Once you demand this most likely they will write off the debt.

    But talk to your dad no matter what.

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    my girlfriends daughter opened an account with ATT underage then didnt pay the bill - it went to collections and she had it removed based on the fact that she was underage. talk to your parents and get daddy to call paypal and explain you may be able to get out of this one..


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