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Thread: Merchant account and ebay

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    Default Merchant account and ebay

    If I were to use a merchant account when selling on ebay can I use any merchant account provider I want or how does that work? And also, is it hard to link my ebay account to my merchant account?

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    its really easy, my hunny did it and he's not at all computer savy. we went with a paypal merchant alternative and they set us up in a jiffy, once the account was approved they emailed us step by step instructions on linking the services with ebay. we couldnt be happier

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    I think there are only certain payment gateways that works with ebay. I signed up through merchantinc and it came with the gateway included and that works with ebay. Once my merchant account was approved I was emailed all the set up instructions and was selling on ebay the next day using my merchant account.

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    Hey 49ers4ever you are making a good decision in using a merchant account rather than paypal. I made the switch four months ago and wonder why I didn't do it sooner. Oh well, happy and headache free now.

    If your looking into different merchant account providers give them a call and find out if they are compatible with ebay because not all of them are. I went with national merchant bancard that is advertised on this site and have been pretty stoked with the service altogether. Easy peasy.

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    only takes a few minutes:

    To set up your payment gateway on eBay checkout:

    1. Click My eBay at the top of most eBay pages. You may need to sign in.

    2. Place your pointer over the Account tab, and then click Site Preferences.

    3. In the Selling Preferences section, click the Show link next to Payment from buyers.

    4. Click the Edit link.

    5. On the Payment Preferences page, select Accept credit or debit card payments to your Internet merchant account.

    Next, you'll need to enter your payment gateway information.

    Note: If you need help finding any of this information, please contact your payment gateway provider.

    To enter your payment gateway information:

    1. Choose your payment gateway provider from the drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    2. Enter your Merchant login (sometimes called "gateway login" or "API login ID"). This is the ID that identifies your account at the gateway for transaction processing.

    Note: This ID is usually different from the user ID you use to log into your gateway's website.

    3. Enter your Password (sometimes called the "password" or "transaction key").

    Note: Usually, this is a password that was generated by the payment gateway for you, not a password that you created.

    4. Depending on the payment gateway you use, you may need to enter a Vendor ID or User ID.

    5. Depending on the payment gateway you use, you may need to enter a Partner ID.

    6. Select the credit cards you'll accept through this payment gateway.

    7. Select your merchant preferences, such as whether you'll require buyer's credit cards to pass Address Verification (AVS) and Card Security Code (CSX/CVV) checks.

    8. Enter the credit card information for a credit card you accept and that's accepted by your gateway. Note: Your credit card won't be charged. We use this information to test that everything works correctly.

    9. Review your information and confirm it is correct.

    10. Click the Submit button.

    Once you have your payment gateway account information setup with checkout and enabled in your preferences, buyers have the option of paying you online by credit card.

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    Ha ha funny thing MagPie. I just got of the phone with ebay and they told me that I can Only use Paypal when selling on eBay so i told them about how to link a payment gateway to an ebay account as per THEIR website and then I was told that it would be in my best interest to use paypal but that there are certain payment gateways that would also work.

    They are so full of mouth diarrhea!

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    Oh yea, Paypal /Ebay TRIES to make not using Paypal on Ebay seem like it just won't work or that it's easier and more "user" friendly to just utilize Paypal. HA!

    When I closed out my Paypal account and opened my merchant account they made me send in verification/statements of my merchant account. Kinda odd I thought since my buddy was never asked to provide any documentation.

    Anyway, I just called the folks at national merchant bancard and told them what was requested...they took my information and faxed it right over. They said they randomly get those requests.

    That's how they operate...randomly. Glad I'm not using them anymore.

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    random is the word. I got limited for selling sunglasses that I bought through ebay because of where I purchased my merchandise but the people selling it to me through ebay are still there still selling. total bs

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    before signing up with any merchant account give them a call to make sure that they are compatible with eBay. This will also give you a sense of what their customer service is like. The last think you want to deal with is another paypal customer service nightmare.

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    Default Merchant account and ebay

    Hello Nancie,

    It has been our experience that merchants need both a merchant account and payment gateway along with Google Checkout. We have had customers sign up only with Google Checkout and then they have had to come back and sign up with our merchant account services because of loss of sales. Good news, our merchant account and gateway integrates seamlessly with your MonsterCommerce shopping cart, and can work simultaneously with Google Checkout. So, if we can help in any way we would be happy to.

    Hope that helps,



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