Full Internet Censorship Is coming

ACTA - a global treaty - could allow corporations to censor the Internet. Negotiated in secret by a small number of rich countries and corporate powers, it would set up a shadowy new anti-counterfeiting body to allow private interests to police everything that we do online and impose massive penalties -- even prison sentences -- against people they say have harmed their businesses. OVER TWO MILION PEOPLE have already signed this. Please sign and pass this link on to everyone you know. This has serious consequences for freedom of speech. Forums and blogs could be shut down by Governments. Any thing that could be said against the state OR multi-nationals could be censored. Please fight this as your freedom is at stake here

[url=http://www.avaaz.org/en/eu_save_the_internet_spread/?fpmBNcb&pv=331]Avaaz - ACTA: The new threat to the net[/url]



evil prevails when good men & women do nothing