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Thread: Scammed by accnov1205

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    Default Scammed by accnov1205

    I'll try to be as short as possible.

    • I intended to purchase a Satellite finder on ebay.
    • There was an Online Auction on ebay selling the meter.
    • Due to urgency I contacted the seller to sell with BuyItNow auction.
    • Seller urged to sell outside of ebay through paypal Payment was decided to be made in two installments of 237.50 each.
    • First installment to be paid right away and the remaining on arrival of the product.
    • As soon as I paid the first payment of 237.50, the seller relists the product on ebay and sells it to someone else.
    • I opened a paypal dispute and seller calls and threatens and asks to close dispute as he has shipped out the product.
    • After few days he calls again and asks for the remaining 237.50.
    • He has never provided any tracking information for any of his transaction with me.
    • I opened a second dispute for the remaining 237.50 and he calls assuring that he will send the check out for the whole amount if I close the dispute.
    • I closed the dispute and he emails that there he is not sending any refunds.

    Paypal refuses to help as its a closed dispute.

    From Paypal's information accnov1205 is Mike and Anita Carpenter living in Lexington, KY
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    Apologies, but there is nothing you can do in this situation sadly.

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    That's what I thought. I will however file a report and then leave it to the authorities. Will do so shortly.

    Thanks for the reply though!


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