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Thread: Are test bank legal to sell on ebay?

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    stevenking1982 Guest

    Default Are test bank legal to sell on ebay?

    I noticed some people selling test banks for school books on ebay. Is it legal for them to sell and me to buy. They are selling pdf files.

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    Heads up buying anything on ebay that is virtual! There is no protection when buying something that you download or is e-mailed to you since paypal/ebay does not consider anything you provide other than a tracking number as proof. So if you don't get what you paid for there is nothing you can do.

    I don't think you are going to get into any trouble for buying it it would be the seller that would e shut down by ebay/paypal if anything.

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    uh i dont think its illegal if anything the poor kid who gets caught with the stuff is going to get kicked out of school but it sounds like a shady item to buy/sell so I'd stay clear, why give PP a reason to mess with you ya know

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    sounds like one of the thousands ways to get scammed using ebay. whether buying or selling virtual products the risk of getting ripped off is major and add to that fact that paypal/ebay will not back you up what so ever if you file a claim of product not received. Just do your homework... literally.


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